Space-zine is created to overcome boring and outdated interior space that you have. Alternatively you could have a new views & ideas proposed by our professional designer base on your existing room structure. This will help you to visualize the existing space better or even you can use the information for renovation, uplifting and rethinking suitable design style for future works
Space-zine simple and quick solution definite generate a new perspective experiences in a stylish at your convenience for the next.
Our team consist a multidisciplinary professionals mainly interior-space designers, IT programmers, architects, industrial, makers, engineers, artis who works from a combined studio-lab and workshop in Malaysia.
At the heart of the studio’s work is a profound commitment to finding innovative design solutions, with a dedication to design and creative thinking and the latent potential of media, information, materials and craftsmanship technology edge. This is achieved through a working methodology of collaborative rational inquiry, experiences, undertaken in a spirit of curiosity and experimentation.
Space-zine believes everyone deserves a better and vibrant quality of lifestyle. We see differently, we think differently, and we act drastically. We enjoy and love to share our design passion with you. Start space.zine now